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Contributor II
Contributor II

Info() load with images useless ?

Hello alltogether, 

I have some issues with the info load since it does not show certain images .
This depends on how the image is named, how many different named images are in the folder to load, which exif data is available in the image . 

e.g. in the folder are 
1.jpg, 2.jpg > info() load works fine

if i add
1_2.jpg, 1_376.jpg > info() load does work only for these images but 1.jpg and 2.jpg cannot be displayed.

When I remove exif data from all jpgs nothing is displayed anymore. Whereas adding full set of exif data results in displaying all files in the gui but the web client refuses to show anything. 
When adding a new file 1_2.3.jpg  one of the two groups of diffrent named images cannot be displayed anymore. 

You can mix anything and get a curiosity of results. 
Unfortunately this bug QV-17817 is approved but will not be fixed  in further releases.
Unfortunately we need this feature . Has anyone an idea for a workaround ? 

PS: Bundle info load does not help - just makes issues different 
PPS:  I tried =if( info(%PIC_KEY) > '', info(%PIC_KEY), 'qmem://%PIC_KEY/$(vform)' ) but this will not work for printing. ( vform=GetFieldSelections(PicNo))

Thx for reading 🙂 



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