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Input field to define the color of bubble

Hello friends,

My name is Rahul & i am very new qlikview.

I have set up a dashboard which gives negotation status of a contract.

I need your support to define a input field where the management can define the status of contract as "Red",'Yellow","Green" after review.

Based on the strategic color given as input , the color of bubble should change.

Also after entering this information, it should get saved in the server. so that next time the person login he see the current status of contract.

Please provide your input on how to define an input field which saves information either Red or Yellow or Green based on the input.

Enclosed is the qlikview file for your reference.

Many thanks for your time.



3 Replies

Hi Rahul,

this example solves your specific problem (since I can't reload your script).

However, If I could reload, I would do it differently alltotgether:

1. Create an inline table in your script. E.g. something like







This way your color will be an actual dimension, where your users can choose from given colors. My variable in the example actually does almost the same thing. The difference is that you manage your data in the frontend, not the script, which I generally would advise.

2. After creating this dimension, all you need to change is your color formula to include your dimension in the if statement, add a select field - and voila - your users can choose from the dimension.

Hope this helps you out.


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Hi Jokab

Thanks a lot for your reply.

The color is not given in input, it is planned like based on the review on the progress made on contract, The color of contract will be decided by the management user.

So i want a filed where the user can select a color "Red", "Yellow" or "Green", which will get saved in the qlikview file & alos affect the color of respective contract in the bubble chart.

I have enclosed the the input file, As i am very new to qlikview was not able to completely try out & understands your instructions (sorry for that).

Enclosed below is the color concept & the input file.

color concept.jpg


Hi Rahul,

If I understand your problem you want to be able to input data within the QlikView app and then have that data saved back to the database?

If this is the case then you might not be able to get this to work without a lot of learning and hard work. It is possible to use a macro to write back to a database but this is unsupported and complicated. You will also only be able to update a single row at a time if you are manually setting the status with an input field.

The long and short of it is that QlikView is a reporting tool and not a data entry system or database. Although you can bend it a little bit this might not be the simplest solution.

Sorry I couldn't give you an easy solution