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Interactive sort not working when using RowNo() for coloring alternative rows in straight table

Hi i am using  "if(Odd(RowNo()),ARGB(96,96,96,96))" expression to color alternate  rows in straight table.My straight table contains 2 columns.But when iam using this expression in each column to color the alternative rows, the interactive sort is not working and when i delete this expression the sorting works fine.

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Yes, it's something by-design.

Help says:

Sorting on y-values in charts or sorting by expression columns in straight tables is not allowed when Chart Inter Record functions are used in any of the chart's expressions. These sort alternatives are therefore automatically disabled.


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In my case it is working.

I followed below steps:

Used Straight table and took one expression SUM([Employee_Count] and one dimension Department_ID

Checked Interactive Sorting option.

Then Clicked on Expressions Tab-->Expended and added expression if(Odd(RowNo()),ARGB(96,96,96,96)) under Background Color

Then clicked on Dimensions Tab-->Used Dimension-->Background Colol--> Edit--> added expression if(Odd(RowNo()),ARGB(96,96,96,96)).

It is working without any issue.

Capture.PNGCapture 1.PNG


If you use an interrecord function like RowNo(), you can sort the dimension(s), but not the expressions. If you click on Sum in your example, it will not sort the values.

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ShivendookumarHi below attached a sample qlikview file,i have tested again but the result is same,no interactive sort

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Hi Ryan,

Just go to Sorting Tab-->Promote Country on top and then Interactive sorting Icon will appear to Country column and It will work.

Note: As mentioned by Jonathan, Interactive Sorting does not work on column added under Tab Expressions.

Your Clicks column is under Expressions tab and in Sorting tab Clicks column was on top and that's Y it was not working.

Please find the attached qvw (Working)


How come, when I add dimensions, the colours dont change every other row any more?

It seems to be random. Any suggestions on how to fix this?