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Contributor III
Contributor III

Is ODBC connection required to connect to source from the Qlik report?

Hi, I'm new to Qlikview and need db connection here to work with one of the Qlik report, I have provided only the connection path with encrypted password to connect to the source, but don't have password for that source.

My question is,

1. is qlik report able to connect to the source with the connection path without ODBC?

2. Or do I need to do the ODBC connection too?

3. will task run successful without ODBC in QMC?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi ,


No need of ODBC Connection

when are getting data from 1 qvw to another qvw  we need to use Binary Load

Binary load steps





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Contributor III
Contributor III

Thanks for your response.


1. If you want to fetch data from database yes you need ODBC connection

2.If you are fetching data from flat files, qvw, qvd. You no need ODBC connection, but file path should be accurate. 

3.if you have local ODBC connections to fetch data from database, same has to be created in the server