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Issue with Internet Explorer 10 and Server 11.20SR8 (and SR7)

I have upgraded a server from 11.20SR3 to 11.20SR8. Everything went smoothly and reports working well in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 9.

But in Internet Explorer 10, chart objects are not rendered just a black-bordered square instead.

No IE-plugin is used anywhere.

Anyone with the same issue?

P.S. The charts do show up in IE 10 on the server locally, could it be a network issue of some sort?


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Creator III
Creator III

do you use any qlikview extension?



Try by upgrading to IE11



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Sorry, should have mentioned that IE versioning are controlled by it department. All clients have IE 10 and not to change.

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Good question. I will check up on that.

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Case closed. Finally got it tested on the client's desktop. F5 (refresh) to solve the case. Apparently something was cached causing a conflict.