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Issue with Search Object Sorting order

Hi All,

I am facing one strange issue with sorting of Qlikview Search object. We are using one search object which consists of a field which is concatenation of numeric value (product code) and Descriptive value (product name) ex- 122_Abc.

I am not able to sort this field in search object. Search object sort property used is Text-A->Z

When I use same field in a list box, then it is getting sorted in listbox properly but not in search object.

Also if I use some other filed say just product name without any numeric combination then search object sorting is working perfectly.

Please let me know of any suggestions to solve this issue.



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Contributor II
Contributor II

Check the Sort tab in Document Properties and make sure the field you want has the Text A-Z checked.

This made the field display correctly in a Search Object for me when the Object properties wouldn't.