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Contributor III
Contributor III

Join performance: single on string or double on integers?

I am afraid this was discussed before, but unfortunately what is being discussed here and here is beyond my level of understanding.

My issue: I need to join two tables during script execution, the row count is in the millions, so any performance improvement is welcome. I currently join on a string field that is the concatenation of two integer fields, '00_12345' = '00_12345'. 

Since the tables also have the original fields I was wondering whether a double join on 00 = 00 and 12345 = 12345 would reduce script runtime.

Thank you,



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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III


I just testing your question and I can check that the join on double integers is better than string.

I attach a .qvw file. In script editor you can test this.

I hope it is useful for you.