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KPI report combining expressions

Hi all

I am fairly new to Qlikview expressions and trying to build a KPI report.

I essentially have two product 'schemes' that have different service level (SLA) times in days, one is 3 days and one is 5 days.

I am trying to get a number (count) of how many diary tasks have been done within the SLA to get a total figure each month so I can then report it as a % against the total of all tasks.

I have managed to build all of the components separately to get raw figures, but I am struggling to combine them into one total figure.

What I have so far as expressions in a straight table chart:

Diary Total (excl Post)


= count ({< 
TaskItem -= {'*Post*'},
TaskCompletedDateWithoutTime = {'$(vLastMonthDateRange)'}
>}  TaskID)


SLA (days)


=if (WildMatch([Scheme Name], '*PRODUCTONE*'),3,5)

Days Between







=if([Days Between] <= [SLA (days)],1,0)


The date range is set as a variable so it is dynamic each month, but essentially is formatted as '>=01/12/2018<=31/12/2018'

These work great when in a in a table showing each row of data with a Text Count total on the top of the columns, but I have a summary box, which is for the KPI totals and I am struggling to combine them effectively

totals.pngSo as an example if I have 75 tasks in SLA and 109 total, I want the KPI to show 68.8 or 68.8% for the month in SLA. (In picture it is just the count at present)


Any suggestions on the best way to do this?

Many thanks

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Master II
Master II

a formula like


should do the trick.

Please find an example attached.