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Contributor III
Contributor III

Last three month sum calculation

Hi All,


I need to create a column New3M which will contain sum of sum of last three month value in each records.


input Fields: MATNRWERKS, BRUSD (measure), and ERDAT (datefield).

New3M (field to be calculated which will contain sum of brusd value of past 3 month record for each MATNRWERKS)

Suppose if i select ERDAT value = 1-Aug-2018 ,  and my matnrwerks value is 00000000000201289880118011

Then New3m value for the 01-Aug-2018 data for matnrwerks value (00000000000201289880118011)

should be 197399.55 as per below data. 


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Can you please share sample data and exact requirement?
for each you want to calculate data of 3 months right, means in your current format you are showing date in front.