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Contributor III
Contributor III

Left join in set analysis

Hi everyone,

So i can't find a solution for this problem:

I have two tables, Table Personnal that contains ID:



Table ENR:

23196594328/02/2019 00:00:00
226757102520/01/2019 00:00:00


So when i select for example January 2019 , i need to have the count of matricule that did not exist in the table ENR + the count of matricule that did not have done an ENR in the date of January 2019 so my result would be : 3 matricules



So how can i do that without touching the script but just in set analysis ?

Thank you in advance

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It's not possible to determine the join-type of an association neither within the script nor in the UI. Also you couldn't get an access to those not existing data with a set analysis which mainly worked like a selection because NULL isn't stored in any way and couldn't also be selected.

What you may do is to create a calculated respectively synthetic dimension within your objects but this could become quite complex and had often disadvantages within the usability and/or the performance. Therefore I suggest to consider very carefully if you really need to display not existing data with a chart - what doesn't mean that you couldn't see which ID's haven't valid data in respect to your selected data-set just by looking on the gray values of the listbox for the ID's. This means analysing NULL in Qlik is very simple but reporting them in charts is difficult.

If it should be really displayed within a chart it is often sensible to generate the missing values within the script.

- Marcus