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Master III
Master III

Left or right - your opinion about navigation Menu

There is lots of theory where the Menu( listboxes mainly should go).

stephen-x.redmond in his very interesting book "Mastering Qlikview"

in leaning towards right hand side but as many of us has grow up on the left hand side menu I would like to know your opinion.

(just read this article

and apparently the difference is not big (which is base only on around 8000 visitors) but still the right hand side is winning.

Are the any designers from Arabic country - is the right to left way of reading affecting the design  /user experience?

Are your designs based  more on your opinion or on the user experience?

Please do not point to any website article - I would like to know your opinion.

Feeling Qlikngry?

How To /Missing Manual(25 articles)

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

In the beginning of my qlikview work I used a right navigation but wasn't happy with them because objects could overlay the navigation. I created then various show/hidden methods to switch different navigations respectively to switch between navigation and chart-objects but many users struggled with this kind of usability.

Therefore I switched by the next major release to the left and it worked without noticeable problems. Nevertheless I discussed this topic by the planning of our last release with rbecher and in the end I switched to the right navigation again. Essential for this was the circumtances that I now use containers for most of the charts and navigation-elements, too so that there are no problems with overlaying other objects and the fact that the most users are right-handed so that it's more comfortable for them to come for the navigation from the right side. Especially by using touch devices is it an advantage that the user could immediately see the result of his selections which he would cover if they were on the left side.

- Marcus