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Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

Limitations of Straight Table


I've created a Straight Table with around 40 columns. 5 of them are Dimensions and the rest simple Expressions (like Sum, Count or a String Value).

It's been impossible to list more than 200,000 files in that table because the app crashes (the table stays loading forever...).

Do I have any alternative to solve this problem? All I need is to list many columns x many many rows.

Thanks in advance!


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Partner - Master
Partner - Master

Do you get a virtual memory error?

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I would need to agree with Erich that it sounds like a system limitation more than a software limitation. Is there a specific reason you need to be able to look at 8+ million data points simultaneously?.

I'd suggest hitting ctrl-alt-del and fire up the task manager while you are loading the view & see how your resources are doing, namely RAM.

Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

There is no “rational” reason to look at so many records at the same time. It was just a requirement from a user.

I don’t get an Overflow Memory Error. It is the table that never finishes loading data.

A workaround was setting a Calculation Condition to limit the volume of data to visualize.

I was just wondering whether you found another workaround to avoid this problem.

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I agree with Leonard. There's probably a good way to redesign this to make it more useful instead of trying to show a 40 x 200.000 matrix. It doesn't sound very useful from a business user perspective.