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Line Break in caption of diagram

Hi Community,

I have the following issue and would be very thankful if someone could help me with a quick response:

This is a (unconvential) screenshot of my problem... The Caption is "Null-Acht-Fünfzehn" in full length, but the diagram cuts it without doing a line break.

So how can I add such a line-break?


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In my case, I have setup 15 char's under limit Legend (offcourse I put the check mark) under presentation tab and it's working fine.


The option is not avalaible in QlikView.

I have done several testings using calculated dimension like

left([Field], len([Field]) / 2) & chr(10) & right([Field], len([Field]) / 2)

but it doesn't work. I think you cannot have line breaks in this place as it would be difficult for QlikView to compute the position of the different components to render...

I suggest that you shorten your labels manually or automatically. For instance, try to add a new column in your script or a calculated dimension :

if(len([Field]) > 10, left([Field], 5) & '...' & right([Field], 5), [Field])

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Thank you, Brice!