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Linking Places on Google Maps with Qlikview


I need help.

I have all the Longitudes and Latitudes of my different warehouses on the Google map. I got it all linked in and can see the sales per warehouse.

What I need now is to link some of the warehouses where transfers took place between them. On the Google map I want to see a line from Warehouse A to warehouse B. The more transfers there are between these warehouses, the thicker the line should be between them.

I don't know how to create that line between the warehouses.

Please help.

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Specialist II


I don't know if it's what you want but you have an exemple on the demo application : "What's new on QV9", Sales Rep Tab.

You'll find this app on the QV start page / Getting started / Examples.

Hope that helps you.


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Here is another example with drawings in the map (showing the path how to turn).

There is a lot of macro code and will need some time to understand.



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Hi There Martin,

Unfortunately not exactly waht I'm looking for.

I needthe lines on a google map. From eg. a line from the south warehouse to the nothern warehouse, where they are situated geographically on a google map.

But thanks.


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This looks fabulous, Jùrg.

You right on the macro's. Can't get my head around it. When you do, please let me know.

Thanks a mils!!!

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Hi Marinda

Macro code is mostly to pase the way descriptions received from Google and to dynamically create the table information for the scatter chart.

As you will know your location of the warehouses you already have this information.

What I am not aware is that you will be able to modify line width in the scatter chart based on an attribute value. A workaround might be to use a map that has the connections already drawn and then position a point on the connection line to show your details.

It is my opinion (also in other posts about mapping) that QlikView is not really equipped with functions to support a mapping application. There is a lot left over to the designer especially when it comes to zooming and panning the map.

There exists a tool that promises better map integration with QlikView, I think it is called QlikMap. I have never seen a price tag or effort and ease to create map apps with it but might be worth a try.



P.S. Edit: Just ran into this expression in another thread wich might actually give control over the different line segments

if([SALE DATE] <=today(),'<S1>','<S2>')
use your own conditions of course, you have to add it into the expression for the line style, look at page 41 of book III for the options and make sure you have them quoted!.



is there is a more recent version?