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List box values selection query

Hi All,

I have a dimension having age group. I has multiple values say 18-49,50-64,65+,overall.

Now if a select overall from listbox or in the pivot table i should not be allowed to select 18-49,50-64,65+.

if i select 18-49 i should be able to select 50-64,65+. Age Group IN (’18-49’, ‘Overall’) is invalid

Thanks in advance for the help.


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It is usually unnecessary and even inadvisable to do this in QV. Selecting nothing is equivalent to 'overall' (with the possible exception of null values), and you can select all possible values easily by clicking on the list box and typing *.

The logic that you propose could potentially confuse the user - lets say they select overall, and then want to drill into 18-49. The selection will be ignored. In addition, you will need a triggers and macros to do this, adding  to the complexity without adding to the value.

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This is as per the requirement.