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Contributor III

Load Distinct

Hi Can anyone help me with the below please?


I am loading in data from a SQL database and i have 2 duplicated values - To try to get rid of this I used SELECT DISTINCT in my SQL Query in load editor but i still get the duplicate values?

I have a field (Job_Number) in my database which is always distinct (in theory) but in the odd occasion within the database its duplicated due to human error. is there a way of telling Qlik to only load data with a distinct Job number? 

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when loading into QV you can do a distinct load, but it will work on complete table beside on one column as you specified.

Either other occurrence may have different data in other fields, it will not work. Make sure you identify such cases with a flag in DB itself or by any other means and bring it in resident with a where condition, by excluding not required fields.

My suggestion is to rectify in DB itself, In Qlik it will be performance issue.

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