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Load ID3v2 Tags from a MP3

Hi everyone,

I would like to know if someone manage to load data from an ID3v2 tag.

On the demo project "Photo and Music", there is a part about loading ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags, but the v1 part is not activated and the v2 part doesn't work. The script works fine with the ID3v1 tag, but I would like to make a nice coverflow feature, but the album covers are only in the v2...

Need Help!!


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I finally manage to load most of the ID3v2 tag information, except the album cover (APIC frame). ..

Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

... and ? ... nothing to share with the community ?... 😉

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I'm ashamed... 😞

My tags were in UTF-16, and it works in...UNICODE 🙂 After changing the format, I manage to load my MP3 tags (album, artist, song, track...), but I still have problems with the APIC frame (the cover). I would like to have the same aspect than the photo part of the demo, loaded as information. But when I want to display the information of the file as an image, the table still shows its name.

I will try to work on it today, and let you know if I can make my "iTunes-like" 🙂



I'm interested in the how to.

I would like to read the ID3V2 and ID3V1 tags from my music collection with QV.

Does anyone know how i can do this?



Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II


This started to interest me also and I was surprised that I couldn't find ready code for this. Anyway, here it is:

//All folders

For Each Dir in DirList ('C:\Music\*')

    //All MP3-files

    For Each File In FileList  (Dir & '\*.mp3')




            '$(File)' as Name,

            SubField('$(File)','\',3) as Artist_Disk,    //My folder structure is C:\Music\Artist\Album\Track

            FileTime('$(File)') as FileTime,

            Attribute('$(File)','title') as Title,

            Attribute('$(File)','artist') as Artist,               

            Attribute('$(File)','album') as Album,

            Attribute('$(File)','year') as Year,

            Attribute('$(File)','comment') as Comment,

            Attribute('$(File)','zero-byte') as ZeroByte,

            Attribute('$(File)','track') as Track,

            Attribute('$(File)','genre') as Genre,                                   

            RangeSum(Peek('FileCount'), 1) as FileCount

        Autogenerate 1;


    Next File

Next Dir

Since this is mostly for my personal use I didn't use parameterized dirlist or file extension list. I also omitted covers, since I'm not too interested about those:) It reads all ID3v2 tags.

If you have mixed music collection then also tags have varying quality. If I would develop this further I'd add an counter for files in a single folder.



Climber Finland


Thx, works just fine.

Vriendelijke groet, Kind regards

Dirk De Wispelaere

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Van: Miikka Koskinen

Verzonden: vrijdag 18 september 2015 19:21

Aan: Dirk De Wispelaere <>

Onderwerp: Re: - Load ID3v2 Tags from a MP3

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Load ID3v2 Tags from a MP3

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