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Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Lock field and values with that field

Hi all.

I need to do this:

* lock a field: example COUNTRY = 'CANADA' in trigger of a sheet1

* lock a filed: example COUNTRY = 'USA' in trigger of a sheet2

In both sheets I need the total of NORTHERN AMERICA.


Sheet1 =show details just for CANADA and shows TOTAL of CANADA+USA
Sheet2 =

show details just for USA and shows TOTAL of CANADA+USA

How can I obtain in set analysis the exact total of both even with one of them locked?

thanks a lot!

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Instead of locking fields and triggering them by switching through the sheets you could use set analysis filter within the expression, something like:

sum({< Country = {'CANADA'}>} Value)


sum({< Country = {'USA'}>} Value)

or both where needed

sum({< Country = {'CANADA', 'USA'}>} Value)

and if you just use one sheet it would be even simplier then by using normal selections you could use:


and only for the total of north america you would need:

sum({1< Country = {'CANADA', 'USA'}>} Value)

- Marcus

Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Thank you Mark, you're so fast! But all the other filters (about 10) must work ... Just the filter COUNTRY have to be locked but considered in totals. thanks