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Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

MTD,YTD,QTD,LW in front end

Hi All,

We have a requirement where we have to create MTD/YTD/QTD/LW(last week) in front end. We have data values like this:


We are not creating MTD/YTD etc in data model instead, we are setting triggers for all QTD,YTD,LW,MTD in front end, but the triggers are not working properly.


All these LW,MTD are individual listboxes and are inline tables and have separate triggers for them but they are not getting cleared properly by using clear all as an action in the icon beside it. Hence, we are setting a trigger on Month to clear LW,MTD,QTD and YTD.

I am not able to understand why the clear icon is not able to clear all fields where Month listbox is.

We have to pass values to this Start and End weeks by setting values in LW,MTD,YTD triggers in document properties and have to select current month, current year and current quarter based on the selections, but as we have set trigger on month, it is not showing any value in dashboard even after setting it in triggers and if it is showing, LW/MTD vlaues are not coming properly.

Can anybody suggest what can be done here? 


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For this kind of problems, it is easier to troubleshoot if you are able to share a sample where we can see the issue. Without seeing, not sure how we can help.