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Contributor III
Contributor III


hello everybody.

let's suppose i have two products (A & B), their quantities (Qa & Qb) and the revenues (Ra &Rb); a set of Brands/Companies selling these same two products and data in an interval of 7 months (for example) 

i'd like to create a multiple stacked bar chart as attached: on the x-axis months, primary y-axis (left) quantities and secondary y-axis (right) revenues; the Brand/Company should act like a global filter to focus on each single enterprise performance.

could you help me?

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See attached example. It uses a valuelist as calculated dimension. It also uses an expression for setting the colors of the segments. Click on the + in front of the expression and then select Background Color.

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Contributor III
Contributor III

thanx. i'v worked around your suggestion... talking about the qvw test file you posted:i'd need to set the yellow/red bars in a different scale, i.e. on a secondary axis (y-axis). bye