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Creator III
Creator III

Macro to export variable value in Excel

I have created a macro in QV to export a variable value in Excel.

Below is my code. When I export the variable value in Excel I am getting string value i.e. formula of the variable instead of value of the variable.

Variable name is  vAging_WeeklyReport_LastWeek. Excel sheet gets the "{"$(=max(Last8WeeksReferencedateOpened))"}>}Aggr($(vAging_Incidents_weekly),Last8WeeksReferencedateOpened)),'#0.00')" as a text instead of a value. Can somebody tell me whats going wrong and how do I get this as a value instead of a string?

private sub macro_exportagingvalues(expSelection)

dim xlapplication
dim xlsheet

dim Filename

Filename = "C:\Users\43862460\Desktop\Macros test to export object.xlsm"

set xlapplication = createobject ("Excel.Application")

xlapplication.Visible = True


set xlsheet = xlapplication.worksheets(1)

set vAging_WeeklyReport_LastWeek = ActiveDocument.Variables("vAging_WeeklyReport_LastWeek")
vAging_WeeklyReport_LastWeek = vAging_WeeklyReport_LastWeek.getcontent.string

for j = 0 to expSelection.count-1

Select case expSelection(j).Text

xlsheet.range("B2").value = vAging_WeeklyReport_LastWeek

Case "Connect Heritage"
xlsheet.range("B3").value = 3

End Select


xlsheet.Saveas FileName 


set xlapplication = nothing
set xlsheet = nothing

end sub

4 Replies

You want the string evaluated so use the Evaluate method of the Document object.

Perhaps something like this:

vAging_WeeklyReport_LastWeek = ActiveDocument.Evaluate(vAging_WeeklyReport_LastWeek.getcontent.string)

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Creator III
Creator III

no luck with it

Creator II
Creator II

Did you managed to find a solution to your problem? I'm having the same issue too

Creator III
Creator III

sorry for the late reply..i did as suggested by Gysbert. the variable needs to be evaluated first and then exported.