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Mail automation on task failure to specified DL/ Group having access to the Dashboard


I need a help. I have a few dashboards and different set of users are given access to each of the dashboards. Now when a task fails i want mail to be sent to the group who have access to the respective dashboard.

for eg: Persons p,q,r are having access to abc dashboard

persons x,y,z are having access to def dashboard.

when a task of abc dashboard fails i want mail to be send to p,q,r only.

How can i do this?.

Please help me as iam new to qlikview.

thanks in advance


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Creator II
Creator II

Hi Archana

If email notification is to be sent to QlikView admin then it can be done in Qlikview Management Console-> System -> Setup -> QV Servers -> Alerts but emailing to different people/group based on failure of certain document is not possible from QlikView Management Console (as far as my knowledge is concerned).

There is a work around and I'm not sure if its the optimal solution.

Let us say you have two dashboard apps (viz. dashboard_1 and dashboard_2). I would create two additional apps (message_1, message_2). message_1 will send email to A, B and C who are the owners of dashboard_1 app. Similarly message_2 app will send an email to D, E and F  who are the owners of dashboard_2.

Please refer this thread to know how to create message_1.qvw and message_2.qvw (http://community.qlik.com/thread/25067). Its possible to automate the execution of the Marco function by adding the Action in Settings -> Document Settings -> Triggers --> Click on "OnPostReload" --> Select the function that sends the email.

Now how to configure to send an email to the dashboard owners when the data load fails?

1 - Copy message_1 and message_2 to the access point folder. From QMC --> Documents -->Expand QVS documents tree till you see message_1 and message_2.

2 - Click on message_1 --> Go to Reload tab --> Choose 'On Event from Another Task' --> 'Failed' --> Choose dashboard_1.qvw. This means when dashboard_1.qvw data load failes, message_1.qvw will be loaded and an email will be sent.

3 - Repeat step 2 for message_2 with dashboard_2 document.

I hope this helps!