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Make Action wait for previous action to finish before starting


When creating a button with multiple actions is it possible to make actions start when the previous action has finished?

Say the button has three actions. Then I want the second action to start after the first action has finished, and the thrid action to start after the second has finished.

The manual says the following about actions:

"The actions will be executed in the order in which they appear in the list. Actions are then handled by separate threads and do not wait for the previous command to finish before starting. Because of this, the order in which they are completed is not necessarily the same as that in which they are started."

Do anybody know of a workaround that will make actions run in consecutive order, one action at a time?

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Master II

If you are ok with requiring the qvplugin, you can use macros for this.

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I would prefer not to. I think another way to go around this is to use the execute command, initiated by a partial reload. However If I write in my qlikview load script:

execute "path to my -bat file" $(input_variable);

where input_variable contains three inputs separated by a Space, e.g input variable = 1 2 3. For some reason these variables are not passed on to the .bat file. If i write:

execute "path to my -bat file" 1 2 3;

my .bat file correctly takes the input 1 2 3. So it seems that I can't define it by a variable which is a problem as I would like to define it dynamically.


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I see. That clears it up. My actions are all external i.e. initiating a procedure on an Oracle database, launching a .bat file etc. so i think another way around this is to add these actions in my load script and then trigger them by a reload. Thank you for the attention.