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Contributor III
Contributor III

Make table not changeable - set analysis??

Hey 🙂

I am trying to make sure one of my tables will not change at all, when a use is making selections. I used the deatached function in the general tab, which worked great until reload 😉

When reading about this, a lot of suggestions is to use set analysis, and that is probably the answer to my problem.

However, I am having trouble with the syntax. The suggestions I came across are all performing some sort of calculation (sum, count...). The field a want to "lock" is a simple if in statement (I only want to show the value if it's in....):

=If(Match(LO.NAME, 'XX1025366AA','XX7853452AB','XZ1024582AA',), LO.NAME)

Any suggestions on how to do that?

Would I have to perform some sort of set analysis on all the columns? If so - how would I accomplish that with a simple field/dimention, without any logic added? As mentioned, the table must not change at all.

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Detaching will do exactly as you mention: regardless of any selections the chart will display the state it was when it was detached.

What do you want to avoid changing exactly? The dimensions of the chart, but values for expressions are OK? The whole chart entirely?

The expression you suggested will work just fine if you use it as a Dimension, meaning that the chart will only display those three values for the dimension "LO.NAME". However, the values on the expressions of the chart will keep updating as the file updates with new data.

A screenshot or an example of what you are now and what you expect to see would speed things up a lot.


Contributor III
Contributor III

Maybe I didn't explain it well.

My issue in short description: I have a table, and I want it to stay the same (of course updated with new data after reload). I do not want any user selections to affect it.  

Detaching is doing exactly what I want - but after reload the detaching needs to be set again. From what I know (and I might be wrong ;-)), that feature is more a user function. 

The qlikview app is used by a lot of different users. Reloaded manual by users and by schedule. The one table needs to stay the same regardless of any user selections, since it is used to publish a report that needs to look like that. It needs to work after reload as well.

Am I looking at this all wrong? Maybe there is some way to set the "Detached" field after reload? (macro perhaps..)  

Former Employee
Former Employee

Line, you are correct, I was able to confirm behavior according to Help doc:

The note states it will reset as you are noticing, so it would appear Set Analysis is the option.  Here is a link for you to check out, it may help a bit, and I am going to post the Help link too, hopefully between these, you may be able to get something sorted out, unfortunately I am no Set Analysis guru.

There are some other links at the bottom of the first post/link, just FYI, so be sure to check those if the main one is not enough for what you need, hopefully one of them will get you what you need.


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Partner Ambassador/MVP
Partner Ambassador/MVP

You have two options:

1. Alternate States. Place the chart in a new State and it will not be affected by selections in the default state. 

2. Set Analysis using the set identifier {1}. Set expressions are valid only in aggregation expressions so you will use the only() function around your if().

=only({1} If(Match(LO.NAME, 'XX1025366AA','XX7853452AB','XZ1024582AA',), LO.NAME))