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Creator II
Creator II

Making Timeline with detailed tasks

Hi guys,

I'm working on a Dashboard composed of 4 big parts :

  1. Employees Arrivals, départures and pauses détails -> Ok
  2. Calls Détails : Number of calls in/out ->Ok
  3. BO tasks
  4. KPI's : AHT (average handling time) of each task

I need to combine all of this informations on one dashboard that is supposed to let me see  what the employees are doind in 8 hours of production (Calls / BO / Pauses/ Nothing).

My problem :

1.   The data is issued of differents databases (Oracle & SQL) having a different NTP servers.

2.   i need to show a Time line with all tasks of each employee. The problem is that i don't know how to do it knowing that the employee can do 2 things in the same time (talking on the phone and doing a BO task).

My data is as follows (see example attached):

100T16/02/2014 11:346/02/2014 11:360:02:091011

Any Ideas ?? 

Thanks !

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Specialist II
Specialist II


i think the best way to represent this is with a pie chart or with a block chart because in that way you can see what is relevant during the day in the other hand you cannot see what is being done on the same time but i don't think that should be essential on the management point of view.


André Gomes

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take a look at this recipe

Recipe for a Gantt chart

Or you can use this extension object

Partner - Specialist III
Partner - Specialist III

This Thread made use of Funnel Chart:

Creator II
Creator II

Thanks Mario , i'll try with it !

Best regards