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Making a slider depending of other slider

HI everybody!, I want to know if there is a good approach to do this:

I have a slider selector (is a week / year attribute) and also have another slider called month-year (another attribute)

The user should be able to select a week interval, and the month/year attribute is only one value selector, and has to affect only the upper limit of the week year selector. For example:

User selects: week 01/2016 to week 12/2016 and by default the first value of the month year selector has to be the upper limit so:  is like month 03/2016

Now if user moves the month year selector to the left and selects 02/2016 , the week year selector upper limit has to be 08/2016

How can I achieve this behaviour? is there any way a selector could filter a graphic like if a month selector is 01/2016 I want the graph show the sales from the beginning to 01/2016?


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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

The min/max of a slider could be set per expressions and those expressions could be query the used field/variables from the other slider. But I'm not sure if this will be working like you expected it - overall it sounds for me like a quite complicated way to set/enable selections, maybe it could be simplyfied.

- Marcus

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Ok, I will try! thanks!