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Contributor III
Contributor III

Mapping field from 2 different tables


I have a concatenated table with a field called ID# (all in one tab).

I have an table called Overview with field named Identification Number in a separate tab under a Qualify load statement.  I set it so that

Identification Number as ID#

When I load it the 2 fields don't map and it shows this field as Overview.ID#  However, when I change the first table to ID# as Overview.ID# then the mapping happens.  Is it possible to map it the other way around?

Thank you.

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Creator III
Creator III


is possible to have sample data?


Creator II
Creator II

Hi Jennifer,

the mapping is not working proeperly because of the Qualify load. If you use Qualify in your script the field name will be aliased with your tablea name for eg., Table Name = A, Filed Name = ID the result of qualify will be A.ID. So Just remove the table name infront of the ID field in your second table (which is qualified) automaticaly the mapping will happened.

Before doing this make sur that the data in this two field are same and make sure that you want to map only this field.