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Contributor III
Contributor III

Mark only highest value under a limit - background color expression


Is it possible to mark the highest number under a limit? (background color expression)

Lets say you have a bunch of different numbers:






How do I mark the highest number under ley say 480 (=452) without marking all the numbers under the “limit” ?

I have tried some stuff with the max and maxstring, but no luck when it’s under a limit.


If(Test<='480',LightBlue(),)     //<-- Marks all equal to or under

if(max(Test)<= '480',LightBlue(),)      //<--do not work – makes sense since the max value is not under

If(Test<='480',if(Test=max(Test),LightBlue(),),)      //<--Do not work

if(Test< =max(If(Test <='480', Test,)),LightBlue(),)      //<--Do not work

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Contributor III
Contributor III

oh ok - sorry I didn't specify it.

Just to understand this: 

This is only for the more advanced stuff, where you often use set analysis - right?

Easy stuff like: If(Test<='148',LightBlue(),) seems to works fine.



This should, but this will highlight all Tests under 148.... 

Former Employee
Former Employee

Line, did Sunny's post help you get things working as you wanted?  If so, please be sure to use the accept as Solution button on the post(s) that helped, so he gets credit and others know what worked.  If you are still working upon things, here is a Design Blog post that may be of some use, actually a couple of them:

The only other thing that will likely help is if you can work up an app with dummy data etc. so folks can see exactly what you have going on, that should help a great deal.


To help users find verified answers, please do not forget to use the "Accept as Solution" button on any post(s) that helped you resolve your problem or question.
I now work a compressed schedule, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so those will be the days I will reply to any follow-up posts.
Contributor III
Contributor III

Sadly not. I haven't had much time to look at it, but I haven't given up yet.


Sure.  Have added a quick sample. I would like to highlight only the highest number under the limit, and not all the values under:



Try this

If([Sum_Amount] = Max(TOTAL Aggr(Sum({<EVENT = {"=Sum(AMOUNT) < vLimit"}>}AMOUNT), EVENT)), Yellow())