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Max Charts in QV


I've currently deployed a QV10 solution in a QV10 SR2 Publisher (AJAXClient), ~10 million records, and I'm having a trouble with the two biggest sheets.

In one I have 10 charts and 6 straight tables that can be filtered by the values of 5 listboxes and 14 multiboxes. In this sheet, when I have more than 6 or 7 multiboxes with values, it starts to get slow. But I can still manage to filter by all the conditions (listboxes/multiboxes) with a little patience.

But when it comes to the biggest sheet (16 charts, 82 straight tables, 5 listboxes and 17 multiboxes), I can only select / filter ~5 multiboxes and afterwards the solution becomes unresponsive until it crashes...

I currently have 9GBs RAM for this application. I could get 12GBs RAM but I'm afraid that I can't still manage this sheet completely.

Do you think this is too much for QV to handle? Or what amount of memory do you think I'll need?

Thanks in advance

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The ideal RAM size would be 8* size of the application


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What do you mean by "size of application"? Cause my .qvw has 230MBs after reloading :s


Ideally any QVW expands 4 times the original size and there after ~10% per the user.

But that is ideal...Real deal comes in with your expressions vs the #of records in you dataset..

For your case the memory expansion will be arround 1GB. Check by using Taskmanager..

I would suggest track the memory expansion of your QVW while making selections on your biggest sheet..

One suggestion would be Minimize the objects that are not necessary and use calculated conditions.