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Creator III
Creator III

Max and MIn in set analysis


i am writing below condition for min and Max in set analysis


Sum({<Month ={">=201802 <=201904"}>}NumValue)


My point is Q118 should not come as i am taking month greater than 201802 which Q2FY18 , but for me Q118 is coming and only data is coming as 0 but for me Q118 itself should not come.


Any idea or suggestion please.



Best Regards,


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Contributor III
Contributor III

As I understood from your formula, you are taking month bigger than 201802 or equal than 201802.

Another solution could be include your column data in your expression as below, instead of using hard code:

=Sum({<Period ={">=$(=min(Period))<=$(=max(Period))"}>}NumValue)

Contributor III
Contributor III


Thank You.


Actually i have min date as 201711  in my report which is my Quarter Q118 starting month , i want to show Quarters only from Q218  so i am giving 201802 which is my Q2 Starting Month.

Creator II
Creator II

first transforms the field into the script using monthstart ()
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