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Memory Consumption

Dear QV Team -

The qv server is installed in two node cluster with having 512 MB RAM, windows 2016 server. 

I do see the memory consumption in the task manager is  65%, with 50% of CPU usage despite there is no activity. 

Activity means there is no heavy dashboard being opened using qv client, not no session running from access point, nor no scheduled task are running in the QMC.

Both the nodes report high memory consumption. When i see the list  of processing running in task manager, the qlikview Server is consuming higher memory than any other processes.

Note: The QV installed in a dedicated Win server i.e it is meant only for qlikview.

Kindly assist as i see why the RAM consumption is higher despite no activity in the server.






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Couple of things

1- AFIK Once a user accesses the dashboard it will remain in memory for while. this depends on Document timeout

2 - Does any of the qlikview document have preload option enabled? if it does the app data will be loaded into memory.




Qlikview is an in-memory product, this is how we're able to manipulate and display data quickly for users, it's all stored in memory/RAM.  When Qlikview Server starts, it will allocate RAM according to the low working set limit set in the QMC.  If you're running the default working set limits of 70/90, that means 70% of the 512 RAM in your server will be allocated to QVS, or about 358GB.  Even though users aren't actively on the QMC and accessing QVWs, memory will still continue to be allocated to QVS.

Please take a look at the following article/video which explains Qlikview memory usage:


Hope this helps!


Qlik Support

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Thank you for your quick reply.

There are no users or myself logged into access point and no default documents setting has been changed like document timeout.

There are no pre loaded  option enabled as well. 



Support (Former)
Support (Former)

Srinivas, as far as memory consumption goes, the QVS process will consume memory resources up to the Low Working Set Limit specified in the QMC, and it will not release those resources until the memory usage goes above the Low Limit, this is how the working set limits work.  Here is another article with a PDF attached that is similar to the video post in the article Josh gave you, but the PDF will likely go into more detail for you.

QIX engine memory management...

As far as CPU usage, I would confirm what process is actually consuming CPU cycles via Windows Task Manager, if it is the QVS process, and there are no users with open apps on the server, you can check this via QMC\Status\QVS Statistics area, I am not sure what could be going on, would have to see logs etc.  You also did not mention what version you are running either, the most current supported releases are the following, if you are not on one of these, I would suggest updating to at least the one that matches your major release...

11.20.13804 SR19

12.10.20900 SR11

12.20.21000 SR9

12.30.20300 SR3

12.40.20100 SR1

Shout back if you have further questions, but hopefully this will help you understand things better.


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