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Contributor II
Contributor II

Migration from NPrinting 16 to NPrinting 17

Had an application utilizing QlikView 11 and NPrinting 16.  How the application ran

    1) NPrinting set to run through scheduling each month 5th thru the 10th starting at 8 PM several jobs in sequence

    2) First job utilized Reload task which fired off the QlikView app with a single parameter vDeal

    3) QlikView would run build the specific reports

    4) When QlikView completed, NPrinting would move to the next task, generate a the Excel report defined by the QlikView.

Now we are moving to QlikView 12 and NPrinting 17. (Paradigm shift)

Looks like NPrinting 17 does not handle monthly reporting or able to firing-off QlikView through Reload task.


    1) Set up the monthly job in QlikView QMC to run the QlikView app monthly at the selected times noted above

    2) Create the new NPrinting 17 application with the required reports

    3) So basically QlikView would generate the reports, then through the extension object or a coded line fire off NPrinting to generate the reports.

Because I manage multiple deals  I would have to create a Do While or For Next loop to run through the 40 some deals kicking-off QlikView for each individual deal and then NPrinting for reports and distribution.  I want all this to be automated so once setup I do not need any user intervention.

My question: Is the NPrinting Extension object the way to go to fire-off NPrinting or is there a command line code to place in the last line of the QlikView application that would automatically fire off NPrinting before moving to the next deal to run.

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