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Modified date and last execution time

i have one doubt how we get modification time and last execution time in implementing incremental load.

modified date will get after trasformations or before let me know how to get last execution time

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Use last reload date and time like Reloadtime() function and use this date for last execution time.

Let vReloadtime = Reloadtime();

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when will be modification time will greater than last execution time


Modification time you get from database like where updation dones and then you check that last updation date with last reload time when you reload the application.

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Thank u.

Ok. But it will not work to all SAP tables because some tables dont have date and time field.

I got problem in some of the SAP tables like




and production related tables.

So, I used incremental load.

Thanks and Regards

Amol Khochare


Yes because in SAP if table is cluster table then you are not able to get last modified data easily because it is maintain in different table and it is difficult to give incremental load for the cluster table because it is a combination of the 2 or more tables.

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Yes, correct.

If I use deferent fields instead of date and time like document no, item and combi of both etc. whichever is suitable. Will it be work or right way to define incremental load?


Amol Khochare


Yes you are right.


@its_anandrjs  if we use last execution time as with Reloadtime() , That means we need atleast one sucessfull reload for the app otherwise data load gets failed.