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Need Help in Table

Hi All,

              I have a table consisting of some data, from the table i want the column names as row heading like vertically

                Example I have a table like this

                                SERVER          CATGRY           LOCATION

                                XXXXXX              XXXXXX             XXXXXXXXX

                                XXXXXX              XXXXXX              XXXXXXXX

             I want to display the table in below formart.........

                              SERVER    XXXXXXX

                              CATGRY    XXXXXXXX

                               LOCATION   XXXXXXXX

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Use "crosstable" at script level.

E.g. Crosstable(<Column_name_which_you_want_to_show>,<no._of_col>)

load ........

resident ABC;


For more details and examples, see: Crosstable ‒ QlikView