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Creator II
Creator II

Need help @qlikview publisher.

Hi Everyone,

I need some help related to Qlikview server and Publisher deployment.

My scenario is some thing like this I have one Qlikview Production Server, one Qlikview  UAT(Test) server and one Qlikview Publisher


My Publisher & Production server  is running on the same machine. and all services are running on a single machine.

One the other side I have a another machine where my UAT(Test) server is running  with all the services on a single machine.

Now I am Shifting my Publisher license from Production server to UAT(Test) server machine.

Some steps which is followed by me.

1) Disabled distribution service from Production server machine.

2) Activate the publisher license on UAT(Test) server machine.

3) All five Qlikview Services restarted on  UAT(Test) server machine.

4) Reboot the UAT(Test) server machine.

Now when I am checking my services which is running properly from services.msc.

But In QMC three services(QVWS, QDS and DSC) are showing Disconnected.

Please help me out to resolve the issue.


Lalit Kumar

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Creator II
Creator II

Please help me out to resolve the issue.


Hi Lalit,

Do you have the answer your to your question yet? I would think that you could try these:

1. What QV version do you use and what SR ?

2. See if those 3 services are pointing to Production Server as opposed to UAT (in System > Setup tab). It should not happen, but worth checking.

3. Try removing your publisher license from UAT back into Production and see if the 3 services came back running again.



Creator II
Creator II

Thanks a lot Anton.