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Contributor II
Contributor II

Need help with Section Access (value from multiple field).

I need your help about section access, I have data like this;


SKU       MODE           BRANCH
001        OFF                 8634
002        OFF                 8634
003        ON                  8000
004        ON                  8001
004        ON2               2005
005        ON2               2005


And I have section access like this;

USER        MODE        BRANCH
ALEX        ON                *
ALEX        OFF             8634
KIM           ON               *
KIM           ON2            *
MIKE        ON               *

What should to do next, create new field from MODE&'|'&BRANCH?

Because I've already created new field MODE&'|'&BRANCH? on Data Table and Section access table but It's not working.


Please help, I'm new here.


Many Thanks.


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 One thing to be aware of when using the Asterisk '*' is that it does not mean all values, it will only represent any values defined in that table.


Have a look at the following Design Blog post and note there are other links to other posts at the bottom of the link too, hopefully this will help explain things a bit more, but Lisa is correct as well.  With the setup you have, the only value all users are going to see is 8634, nothing else.  


Help link as well: http://help.qlik.com/en-US/qlikview/November2018/Subsystems/Client/Content/QV_QlikView/Security.htm


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