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Need help with stacked bar charts

Hi all new to qilkview, I am trying to create a stacked bargraph using two calculate as the values for the bar, the graph will be organized by for example what fruit it is say apples or oranges ect. The calculated fields will be the amount of apples received and the amounts of  apples not received.  This will be done for each fruit. I am using mysql as the data is housed in multiple different databases each requiring a different connection. Does anyone have a solution to this problem? I have seen many stacked bar graphs but not ones that do the stacking correctly. If I try and use the stacked option in style it will stack all the fields together regardless of what fruit it is. I want to create something similar to the graph below. I can pull all the values from the databases successfully but getting the calculated values to stack correctly is my issue. 





stackedbarchart_img1 (1).png

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So I believe to get what you want will require some tweaks to the data model side of things, but unfortunately I am not a good resource to try to help you with that.  About the best I have is the following link to try to give you some guidance, but maybe this will job someone else's mind to be able to come up with some further info that may help.


You might find something in the Design Blog area too:


Just not sure what you need there, so was not able to give you any direct posts, sorry.  Someone else may have some other ideas, but I think the only way is going to be to get the data model setup such that you can do what you want, but I am not sure how to do it.


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