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Contributor III
Contributor III

Need help with this expression please

Hi QV users

I have a question about an expression that i am struggling with: My requirement is based on the below data:


On the X-axis i want a few dimensions like batch date, Country name and a drill down into Network name. The KPI i need to show is under the field : PM_Name (GSM_Success_Rate_WO_TR) and the possible values for it is in the field 'PM_Value'.

The tricky part is that every Network name has a specific value for the KPI under PM_Name called 'NTR_Conf'. The possible values for NTR_Conf could be any letter F,N, Nan, P or any number as seen in the table above.

So on the graph i only want to show Dates, Country name (with a network name drill down), but values for 'GSM UL Success Rate WO TR' only when NTR Conf equals 'P' or any number.

Can this be achieved? 




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Specialist II
Specialist II

Could you please share the sample data and desired output so that we replicate it with a logic in qlikview