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Contributor III
Contributor III

Need to support to schedule job in QMC

Dear All,

Need support to schedule job in QV Production server (Server only, not publisher).

I need to reload one application in 5 AM daily. But at the same time there is another job (Reload of another application). So can i schedule this new job at the same time. Need to know whether we will get any issues. Please clarify. Thanks in advance.

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In QMC you can specify how many CPU cores QlikView is allowed to use. Allow QlikView to use n-1, where n is the total number of cores. That way there is always one core available for Windows to run OS processes in.

At 5AM I guess you have no active users in the system, so reload task can occupy all your resources without impacting end-users. Rule of thumb is that you should not run more simultaneous task than you have CPUs available for QlikView.

Then you also need to consider the memory allocation for each reload, so that there is enough resources for the simultaneous tasks.

Partner - Champion
Partner - Champion

Hi Varun,

you may also which to modify the number of concurrent reloads, to save the jobs queuing


Master II
Master II

yes,u can do..but u have to check ur server properties first,if it's already set Concurrent reloads as 2..then it's fine else u have to set .