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New to qlikview Need Help?


I am new to qlik view can any one give me wat are the important things in qlik view

Thanks in Advance

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Hi Chethan,

Go through this Document it might help u

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When you are new, it's most important - to learn the basic carefully even without bothering about what is important and not.


As tresesco‌ mentioned , for a new bee everything will important  to state few.


2.Set analysis

3.Data modeling

4.SQL basics etc

you can go through the Qlikview tutorials PDF, Qlikview Reference manual and Qlikview community

Master III
Master III



In simple words... QV is divided into 4 parts...

Data Modeling


Presentation (UI)

Publishing (Hosting on Server)

Ideally a beginner will start from UI by importing a flat file or excel sheet and play around on UI. So, dont forget the flow to start,

Happy reading!


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1. Please refer C:\Program Files\QlikView\Documentation\QlikView Reference.pdf

2. Read all the discussion in QlikCommunity. Which will help alot!

3. Go through Rob Wunderlich cookbook: http://community.qlik.com/thread/29413

4. Go through QlikView help in the application.

5. Refer http://qlikshare.com

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Hi Chethan,

Go through this Document it might help u

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Thanks for the Reply friends its very useful

Thanks for all of your time


If you are new to Business Intelligence and not just QlikView I would make sure you have a good understanding of Business Intelligence and how it works and how it differs from a spreadsheet.

You will have many challenges from your users if they are also new to BI and QlikView and you need to have a strong foundation and truly understand things like the difference between a Dimension and an Expression because there is overlap and if you don't fully understand it you could end up building applications that produce wrong data and/or a bad user experience.

There are plenty of good free sites on the web with loads of information just start with Google and you will have more results than you can read in a lifetime.