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No of days using the flag filed???

Hi Folks,

Here i have Period, Factor, Id as dimensions and (A Amount, B Amount, Diff Amount, Diff Flag, No. of Days) ---> expressions.

Diff amount is (A-B) in %, and Diff Flag is if Diff amount is > 3% and <100% the 1 or 0.

upto here it is fine.but i need the no.of days(means how many days are having 1 value in the Difff Flag column.

PFA of source file.

Thanks in advance.

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Contributor II
Contributor II

Hi Nagapuri ,

Load period,

1 as Daycounter

resident … where [Diff flag]=1;

sum(Daycounter0 will give how many days have [Diff flag]=1



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Thanks for your reply.but i want it in the front end(pivot or straight). in need the expression for that No of days using the Diff flag.

like if(Diff flag=1,count(period)) but its not working fine