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Not able to export project in nprinting 16

Hi Team,

I am working on Nprinting migration project from 16 to 18 for which I am exporting Nprinting 16 reports. But when I am exporting project, It is not exporting all reports means some reports are exported and some are not exported.


Can anybody help me on the same why it is happening? Is there any solution for the same?


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I've attached an article from our knowledge base regarding  exporting from NPrinting 16 to later versions.  This may explain why some reports are not exporting.

There are also some notes on this article to consider which could be relevant to you:

  • You must be running QlikView NPrinting 16 SR 3 or higher to leverage the project export tool found in the NP template editor. 
  • Entity Reports cannot be migrated to NPrinting 17+ platform at this time. There is no 'Edit Template' button/report editor for Entity Reports in NP 18. Thus the entity reports cannot be imported and will need to be manually recreated
  • You can only import NP 16 report templates and related report objects only
  • You must generate the same source application in both NP 16 and NPrinting 17+. For example, you must generate the SalesDemo.qvw in NPrinting 17+ if that is the QVW that was used to build the report on the NP 16 platform.
  • at this time it is not possible to migrate schedules, jobs, tasks, filters or any other items etc. These items must be recreated in NPrinting 17+ versions
  • It is only possible to migrate reports and their respective report templates at this time. 
  • A comprehensive tool for importing additional NP 16 items is expected for release later in 2019
  • Link fields created in NPrinting and QV bookmarks used as NPrinting filters cannot be migrated to NPrinting 17+ platform as these features will not be available on that platform.

Hope this helps!

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To add on to the information Jon already provided, I would see which reports are consistently not being exported and figure out what makes them different than the ones that are successfully being exported.  Are you seeing any errors during the export process?

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