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I have a question.

Customer system occurs "OUT OF VIRTUAL AND/OR LOGICAL MEMORY, allocating 4096MB".

Please see attach file is error detail.

Customer would like to know limitation of QVD when store function is used.

Customer's system free space of Drive C is 23GB.

Customer's QVD file size is 60GB.

Hard drive space is as follows.

C: Free space is 22.3GB / all space is 39.0GB(No Pagefile.sys?

😧 Free space is 858GB / all space is 1.96TB?Pagefile.sys 256GB?

I think , cause of this error is free space of Drive C is insufficient.

Does System have to secure the area of Drive C for QVD store function?

Best Regads,


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One of the possible reason for this problem ""OUT OF VIRTUAL AND/OR LOGICAL MEMORY, allocating -----MB" is may be because of synthetic key issue. Have checked in your data model whether it contains any synthetic key. Is yes then this may be the possible reason. Please check and let me know the same.



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Please check your RAM Size of machine.If RAM size is minimal then this type of errors encoutered. Increase the RAM Size of PC.If still facing the same issue increase the Virtual Memory of your system.

General principle is: Let say your QVD Size is 4 MB then your RAM should 4*4=16 MB.

Check accordning to this.

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Okay, so I have 1.3 GB of QVD's that I'm loading. What should be the recommended RAM for the machine?

I currently have 8 GB allocated. I also have SQL Server 2008 running on the machine. Should I ask for a new box just for QlikView?

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dsjain makes a good point, if there are synthetic keys in your structure then this could easily lead to memory issues.

It's worth investigating if before you purchase more RAM for your machine.

Champion III
Champion III

Synthetic keys in and of themselves are not a problem.  When they're the result of a bad data model, then you have a problem, but the problem is the bad data model - the synthetic keys are just a symptom in that case.

In any case, data connecting in ways you didn't intend, a Cartesian join, there are plenty of ways to consume vastly more memory than you intended.  Definitely make sure the problem isn't your script before looking for more memory.  I can't imagine 8 GB of RAM not being enough for an application loading from just 1.3 GB of QVDs.  I've not done a careful analysis, but I think my applications are typically smaller than their QVDs, because I don't need all the data in every application and I join my data together carefully.