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Old Bookmarks vs New Fieldnames


We have some fields that are set as hidden and as such the naming convention was ugly to read, but sensible for the developer.  However, now we have added a search facility for these fields, the user wants to expose them and have them renames to long sensible names for the user population.  These were used as island tables to "Show/Hide".

Example Field hidden %ListBox_Empoyee Now to be changed to Employee Name.  And many more

Okay - None of this is hard so far...

the challenge is that once we renamed them and pushed it to Prod, the Bookmarks have fell over, since they are linked to the old naming convention.  Our Users have some 100+ Bookmarks shared and unshared with any combination of 400+ attributes then reduction selections on top of that.

I thought of making the new fields and on change of anything to trigger Field values Employee Names = %ListBox_Employee, but this will affect the performance massively with it being almost 2Gig in size of data against checking each attribute.  Is there any means of doing this with a low cost of resources that anyone knows of?

Any help would be appreciated.



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