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On clicking minimize option in chart, how I can hide another object?

I have a table chart and a button related to that chart, On minimizing the table chart that button should get hide.

How can I implement this.?

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You are absolutely right.. But how can set action to minimize option in chart properties.

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Step 1 : Create a Button with the following information

in my case, text object properties for GLOBAL i add an action, Set variable

you can then type VMainMenuItem in the field Variable and 1 in the field value


Step 2 : Add a condition to the object that you would like to hide.

in my case, i would like to show the image " Entrée Gratuite" only if the user select the GLOBAL icon on top.

Therefore, in the text object properties of "Entrée Gratuite"- Layout - Show, i have selected "CONDITIONAL" click on the 3 dots and add vMainMenuItem = 1

Therefore, "entrée gratuite" will show up ONLY if we click on GLOBAL which is vMainMenuItem = 1, otherwise it will disapear.  


Hope this help.


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Thanks You Jean, Even if I'm setting a variable like this, How I can achieve the hiding functionality in clicking the minimize button.

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you are welcome. if you are doing this you do not need to minimize it bceause the object will not be shown any more.

Could you clarify why you are trying to minimize it ?

Master III
Master III

Hi Anees,

May be you can create a small minimize button image and paste it on the minimize button.

create the variable, and you use it in your Condition Layout chart options.

(Need to Uncheck the Allow size and size to data options)

This is not good solution. But, if you don't have a choice, try this....

PFA for reference

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Yeah this I have already Implemented, I was looking for some inbuilt function.

I think this is the only solution for my concern.

Thank you so much settu

Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

There is no such inbuilt function for this, you have to do this by using Variables and Text Objects/Butttons.

Hope this helps you.