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One Buyer to All Buyers Chart (TOTAL?)


Maybe this is a repeat, but very helpful, always.

How can I plot 4 characteristics of Turn, SL, Aged, Dump of One buyer against All Buyers, so instead of 4 charts, there will be 8 charts with fields namely:

Turn of Buyer, Turn of ALL BUYERS, SL of a Buyer, SL of ALL BUYERS,  Aged of  a Buyer, Aged of ALL BUYERS, Dump of a Buyer, Dump of ALL BUYERS.

There will be 8 charts with these columns.

Thank you,

The sum(  Turns) doesnt work.  I get extra charts.  I would like show just one Buyer's performance.  For example, for Buyer 08:

Turn of Buyer:  98.2%

Turn of ALL BUYERS:  97.5%

SL of a Buyer  $55,000

SL of ALL BUYERS  $67,000

I dont know how to show the 2nd and 4th values all on the same chart.

Thank you.

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You can use set analysis.  For example, if your expression is Sum(Turns), the second chart could be Sum({1} Turns)