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Creator III
Creator III

One button to activate two (or more) charts

Is it possible to program a button click event to activate two charts on the screen?   For example, right now I have the these 4 objects on my sheet (Button1, Button2, Chart1 and Chart2).  When I click on Button1, Chart1 is in focus while Chart2 is hidden and vice versa.  I now want to add a feature when I click Button1, I want Chart1 and Chart3 to be in focus.  Can you set two variables under Button1 -> Action?


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Specialist III
Specialist III

you can add two or more actions to the same button as long as they do not conflict the same field or entity.

so assume you have var1 for chart 1, var2 for chart 2 and var3 for chart 3 then you can have button 1 action set to var1=1 and var2=0 and var3 = 1 (considering 1 to show and 0 to hide the object).

There is a better way of doing it. Instead of creating variables you can create a table that has a field like _view and _view will have values like 1,2,3 and you can control the visibility based on the field (_view)'s selection.

Creator III
Creator III

Actually the solution is a lot simpler that I thought.  I wasn't thinking before.  In order for Chart3 to show along with Chart1 when I click Button1, all I have to do is to use the same condition under Layout -> Show in Chart1 but for Chart3.

It's working. 


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