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Contributor II
Contributor II

Only one user is not able to login (Issue with .shared file)


Only one QlikView user not able to login. 

I have taken back up of existing  .shared file and replaced with other .shared file(from QV env).  In this case I am able to open the report. 

If I user same old .shared file it showing error : qvp://<path>/aaa.qvw could not be opened . All other users able to open the report without any issue with the same old .shared file

Can any one help on this case

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Hi @sheker_amrutham 

Could you confirm all the users use Plugin?

If the user tries to access using AJAX, does it work?

Kind Regards.


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Former Employee
Former Employee

Sheker, I think the best course of action is to likely run the shared file cleaning tool on things to see if the fixes the bad version of the file for you, as it sounds like there is a corrupt object related to that one user, which the cleaning tool should take care of.  You will need to run the tool, then stop the QVS service, switch out the cleaned version for the old one, and then restart the QVS service and test things, but I think that should do the trick.

That should have everything you need, if you are running an older release, you may want to switch the Help to that version as well just to be sure you have the correct info.


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