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Only one value in a dimension

Dear Community,

I have a simple question and I don't know if this can be done in qlikview, so please help me find out.

Please refer to the attached app. I have to show only one line for each CodeGroup in the straight table that has sum(Value) for an expression. But what is required also is that I have a column for the detailed Codes with drop-down menu. If I just add Codes as a dimension the lines will be multiple with detailed sum for each code, which is not what is wanted. There should be one line only with total sum(Value) for each CodeGroup.

I tried with aggr function but the dropdown menu doesn't show all possible Code values , it shows only the result of the aggr function.

Do you know if such match of grouped-detailed information is possible and what is the best way to visualise it?


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You could not use the pivot table?


Master II
Master II

See the attached file

I just changed the Straight Table to a Pivot Table


Is that what you need




You can't show all the codes in the dropdown but only aggregated values in the table. Add a listbox for the codes and make your selections in that listbox.

You can try faking the dropdown control with a multi box object put on top of the header of the calculated code dimension. That would look something like this:


not very pretty imho and likely to get messed up in the ajax client.

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