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Opening QVW files across multiple Personal Editions problem


We're having a problem trying to allow multiple developers here to work with a particular application we have.  The problem is affecting two developers.  We are using QV10 SR1 as the server and have the same version of personal edition (PE) installed on both developer machines (the only way I know how to set things up!).

We then try and use the license "borrowed" from the server.  I'm never been totally happy with this process as it seems very hit and miss whether it works or not, but up until now we've got it working.

However, we now have an application that was last worked on via developer 2's PE.  This still loads fine on their machine and loads fine on the server's PE.  But it will not load on developer 1's PE anymore.  Their PE complains that the license doesn't match, therefore it was created elsewhere and they have no rights to edit.  I don't understand how this can happen when all three are using the same license (at least PE is saying they are using the same license).

Developer 1 then used up 1 of their "recoveries" to load this app.  This worked, but as suspected now none of the other apps will load for developer 1.  So developer 1 will have to use up another recovery to get to the other apps and still won't be able to work on this app (other than via the server - not ideal at all!).

So what is going on here?  Is there something you can do license-wise to "refresh" all the apps licenses and your local ones to make sure they all sync?

Any help much appreciated as always.


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Master II
Master II

Sorry, I got a bit confused.

Personal Editions are designed not to allow you to share applications between different PC's, that's why they are free.

If you're leasing licenses from a QV Server, then you shouldn't be running into a "recovery", "this is a personal edition", or any of those messages.

Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

NickSwift wrote:

I don't understand how this can happen when all three are using the same license (at least PE is saying they are using the same license).

Maybe every user should borrow his own license?



Some clarifications:

1) I've never encountered any problem with leasing a license from the server. Are you sure your QV Server version includes a sufficient numbe of User licenses (if you have two developers, you'd need two, of course)? If you only have one user license on your server and you've set it to lease, you need to wait 24 hours between uses for the lease to free up, iirc.

2) When working with personal editions and not leasing a license, it doesn't matter which version you've installed - you will not be able to open files created by another user unless you use the Recovery option.

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Thanks for all your suggestions here.

I believe something strange has happened on my machine regarding this.  I setup QV Desktop on my other PC, which had never used QV Desktop and everything worked perfectly.  So it looks like the old PC (which has had many different version of QV Desktop pointing to different servers/licenses) has got completely confused.

A rebuilt might be needed.....!

Champion III
Champion III

I agree we SHOULDN'T run into recovery and personal edition problems when leasing a license from a server.  But like Nick, I've found that to be hit or miss.  Fortunately, it's hit for us, but I've seen it miss on two occasions on one specific machine, and wasn't able to get the "personal edition" to lease the license for the life of me.  The first time, a couple days later, opening a document on the server got the license back up to speed.  The second time, I don't remember doing anything, and it was just fixed one day.  It is possible that there simply were no licenses left for that machine to lease, I suppose.

So... I'm no help, other than to say I HAVE seen this sort of thing happen.